Single Camera Systems

  • Easier than Smart Cameras but without the limitations
  • Code Free Development, Deployment, & Operation
  • Algorithms from Multiple Sources
    – Complex, Discriminating, More Reliable & Faster Inspections
  • Extremely high computing power
    – 64 bit Multi-Core Computational Resource
    – Embedded PLC with 1.2µS maximum response time 
    – High Inspection Rates >200 Inspections per second 
    – Windows or Linux
  • Embedded Lighting Controllers provide 10 to 100 times more light for high speed  applications and inspections of large objects
  • Lower cost than other Smart Cameras
  • Rugged design meant to be deployed where the action is
  • Extremely high fidelity
    – Highest possible spatial resolution limited only by your choice of lens 
    – Very high dynamic range, valid 14 bits 
    – Extremely linear response for better edge and feature measurement precision
  • 4x fewer cables – no trigger, strobe, power, PLC or messaging cables necessary
  • Sensors from 640 x 480 to 4872 x 3248 pixels, plus line scan versions

Single Camera System Example

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Chassis allows you drag and drop machine vision operators into a graphical flow graph of your Inspection Tasks without writing code to do so. Chassis also lets you specify all of the criteria important to your inspections without the clutter of those that aren’t. You can also graphically include calls to and from any software that runs under Windows or Linux