Multi-Camera Systems

  • CHASSIS: Code Free Development, Deployment, & Operation of sophisticated high-performance machine vision systems involving multiple computers, cameras, sensors, and actuators, from multiple vendors, and using any mixture of analysis software. If it runs on Windows or Linux, you can incorporate it into your system.
  • Network-wide coordination to 1.2 µS of actions by all cameras, sensors, actuators, and PLCs
  • IE Gateway: Bi-directional communication with all major vendors’ PLCs in their native communication method at their maximum rates.
    – Ethernet/IP Adapter
    – EtherCAT Slave
    – Open Modbus/TCP
    – Powerlink
    – Profinet IO-RT Device
    – Varan Client

Choreographer: Displays system components and allows graphical configuration of their relationships and communication. It stores all configuration information for complex systems in one file that can be used to fabricate duplicate systems, or automate repair of systems in the field..

CRITIC: monitors and logs all system events throughout the network in perfect chronological order with their time recorded to the exact uS. Provides local and remote notification of the existence and severity of inconsistencies that occur during operation. Facilitates remote diagnostics, repair, and reconfiguration.

Composer/SCORE: Compiler and a natural, event-driven language which unambiguously describes all of the conditions in the machine and vision systems and their desired interactions which determine when particular actions or chains of actions will be taken in the vision system and/or in the machine environment.
– 4x fewer cables for rapid setup & unmatched reliability

Multi-Camera System Example

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Chassis allows you drag and drop machine vision operators into an interactive flow graph of your Inspection Tasks without writing code to do so. Chassis also lets you specify all of the criteria important to your inspections without the clutter of those that aren’t. You can also graphically include calls to and from any software that runs under Windows or Linux