The optics presenting an image to your camera must simultaneously meet three complex sets of requirements.

They must be matched to:

  • the camera’s sensor
  • the environment in the object plane
  • and must deliver data appropriate to your application’s requirements.

The MTF of the lens expressed at the image plane must be matched to:

  • the pixel size
  • pitch
  • fill factor
  • overall sensor size

These calculations must include, but are not limited to assessment of aliasing between the image the lens projects and the spatial frequency of the sensor.

The aperture must be large enough to deliver sufficient light to the sensor to provide a sufficiently quiet image, yet stop any movement that may be present in the object plane.

Resolution in the object plane delivered by the chosen camera and lens subsystem must be matched to the algorithms and measurements required for the particular application. This subsystem must also deliver sufficient depth of field in the object plane for all of the features in the target to be resolved.