Chassis Code Free Environment

As its name implies, Visics’ Chassis software provides an open framework for meshing the best examples of all of the disparate products from multiple vendors that must operate seamlessly together for a machine vision system to function effectively and reliably synchronize with your sensors, actuators, and motion controls. Chassis provides a code-free methodology for rapidly developing, deploying, and monitoring any type of machine vision system, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

By dragging and dropping hardware resources, together with analysis, decision, and communication operators into flow graphs, you will develop efficient machine vision applications that are guaranteed to be thread-safe and will operate deterministically, regardless of the number of devices and processors utilized in your system.

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Chassis allows you to drag and drop machine vision operators into a graphical flow graph of your Inspection Tasks without writing code to do so. Chassis also lets you specify all of the criteria important to your inspections without the clutter of those that aren’t. You can also graphically add calls to and from any software that runs under Windows or Linux