Our technology solutions are built on the following principles:

Our goal is to simplify the planning and implementation tasks needed to integrate even the highest performance machine vision systems and deliver the metrics you need to support your company’s automation, control, and quality standards.

We achieve these goals through automated planning tools together with code-free deployment of highly-reliable, multi-sensor systems that feature an absolute minimum of cabling – 4x less than all other systems currently on the market.

We prescribe technology solutions that can be deployed in days – not weeks or months.

Our seamless, graphical, self-documenting systems are designed to permit local, organic operation and maintenance, while also facilitating powerful automation for remote support.

All application information is captured in portable, electronic form for graphical display of your system’s topology and to facilitate rapid duplication and repair of complex systems by minimally trained personnel.

We offer automated, intelligent, event-driven logging of operational data – in real time – for machine self-monitoring, remote observation, enhancement, and diagnosis.