About Us

We Deliver Innovation.

Visics imagines what’s possible in machine vision and then makes it happen – developing next-generation technology that facilitates deployment of customized solutions for your advanced manufacturing needs. Our mission is to help you to realize the full potential of machine vision for industrial instrumentation and control.

We help you deploy the technology that works for you.

Our interdisciplinary team applies design expertise in Optics, Analog & Digital Electronics, Imaging, Instrumentation, Machine Control, Networking, Computer Hardware, Firmware, and Software to your machine vision challenges. We blend Kanban material provisioning with free, objective engineering consulting services – offering seamless solutions drawn from more than 1,800 components and more than 200 vendors. Fast.

Typical deployment time for a multi-camera, high-speed machine vision system is less than two weeks. With our new OpenVision® methodology and tools, installation has never been faster. Or, more effective. No more waiting to find out if your system works. Because our unique approach eliminates compatibility issues and other challenges, OpenVision® delivers on your system’s promise instantly to verify your approach on line, in the actual machine.

We’re creative, forward-thinking, practical, and transparent.

As an industry leader in machine vision innovation, we’re passionate about developing transformative technology. We’re even more passionate about being your technology partner.

Whether you are an OEM, Machine Builder/Integrator, Distributor, or End User, our greatest reward is to help you assess and anticipate your needs and address them – using Visics technology to blend multi-vendor solutions into seamless machines that draw on your insight and analysis and our deep expertise and industry partnerships.

With OpenVision®, we’re the first to bring instantly deployable and successful machine vision technology to market. We plan to stay at the vanguard by continuing to put you first.